MasterClass by Alex Inchbald

Sixth Sense: Vernissage and MasterClass by Alex Inchbald, 3-12 June 2015, D.E.V.E Gallery, Moscow The 12th of June 18:00 - 21:00 Entrance: 2500 RUB workshop_invite In Sixth Sense, Alex Inchbald explores the idea all creativity, whether in art or in businesss, comes from your sixth sense or intuition. On 3 June he will immerse the audience in an experience of what it’s like to paint at over 2,000 metres in Rosa Khutor, near Sochi. He will also be completing a painting live of The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, standing just outside the gallery. His intention is to explore the idea everyone can be creative everywhere. Alex will take this idea one stage further by facilitating a MasterClass on 12 June through which participants can tap into their intuition to unleash their creativity and discover their Life Purpose. Alex Inchbald is an unusual artist. You are as likely to find him in a boardroom, wearing a suit, as painting on a mountaintop. Both Andy Warhol and Paul Gauguin had backgrounds in business, so what makes Alex unique is the belief we must reshape art if we are to tackle the problems society faces.   ‘Art is an indicator of the health of any society. Great artists help shape great societies. Think of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, van Gogh and Picasso. Society follows artists, not the other way round,’ he states, ‘but, when we need great artists most, we get skulls covered in diamonds, inflatable butt plugs in the centre of Paris, artists replicating shit and ‘birthing’ eggs filled with paint. This sounds more like attention seeking than great art.’ Alex continues, ‘Today we are all artists, whether we work in an office making a presentation or on stage as a musician. We all have a responsibility to provoke the self-enquiry humanity needs.’ He may be right. Who else is independent enough to spark the discussion? Society has lost faith in politicians, media and religious leaders. As Henry Miller asked, “Who but the artist has the power to open man up, to set free the imagination?” Through his work Alex asks what kind of world we want to live in? One that focuses on fame and fortune for a few? Or growth for many? He provokes us to consider how can we use our artistic talents to shape our world? How can art inspire us to tackle challenges such as climate change, conflict, immigration, and the enormous discrepancy between rich and poor? And he claims it starts with how we work, how we make love, how we talk and how we think. He concludes ‘Everything you think, say and do can be art. It all depends where it comes from. Is it coming from your head or your heart? From outside you or inside you? From your intellect or your intuition? About Alex Inchbald Alex Inchbald is an entrepreneur and master facilitator, who has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations including The Red Cross and Procter & Gamble. In the last five years he has run hundreds of workshops with organisations, leadership teams and artists, all of them designed to help unlock the creative genius in the participants.   In parallel he has been exploring his love of painting... in extreme conditions. He has painted at over 3,000 metres and at -10°C in Lapland, he has painted in temperatures of over 35°C, in winds of over 70km/h and in a tropical storm in The Caribbean. These experiences have helped him understand how to unleash the artist inside himself and others. Alex is co-founder of The Circle for Artists, an international network of likeminded artists and Realize Your Idea, the home of BreakFree Creativity©. *Мастер класс на английском.