Photo by Vladimir Chikin

IMG_8107чч-200x300 Vladimir Chikin is a creative and extremely versatile person. He is a biologist, an expert in fine antiques, a designer, the owner of one of the most well-known antique gallery, situated in the heart of Moscow, the founder and curator of two contemporary art galleries D.E.V.E. Gallery Brugge-Moscow, the author of the innovative international photo project “GROUP 7 – 7D Format – 7 photographers, 7 points of view, 7 worlds”, the whole life more or less Vladimir has been connected with the different expressions of beauty. The ability to feel and notice even small signs of beauty almost in everything – in the nature, architecture, people, art, sometimes simply in daily life together with the rich knowledge and experience in the field of art and the long-standing passion for photography have concentrated in his projects “Philosophy of Harmony” and “Ballet & City”. Vladimir Chikin is a master of philosophical photography. Besides esthetical pleasure all his projects contain a meaningful message to the audience. The eternal and magnificent , the present and infinite, the great and wise, the romantic and mystical – all these things are near us, everywhere, always, just we should stop, take a look, think for a moment and become a part of the wonderful world that is called LIFE. … any creation becomes immortal only if wise men can prove to the coming generation that this creation is valuable… Vladimir Chikin PHILOSOPHY OF HARMONY The harmony of the past and the future, that what the creator of the photo project “BALLET&CITY” shows to us in the first series of the project. Everlasting interaction, when the values of the past harmoniously enter the future, is shown by the images of the young ballerinas, who are associated with the future, and the antique items, which are associated with the past and eternal. Beautiful classical art form - ballet, keeping its traditions and not losing relevance, proves that Art rules the world, arousing positive emotions, feelings and thoughts. And this is the Philosophy of Harmony. The project was made with the participation of the ballerinas from the Kremlin ballet (Russia), the antique items were provided by the gallery Nasledie Vekov (Russia). BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS. This series open the inner rod, the metal character, unbelievable hardworking and stamina of the ballet dancers, who seem to be so air, so gentle, so light-hearted on the stage. The author shows the reverse of the medal, because the Ballet is hard and ongoing work on yourself. BALLET&CITY In the photo project the author is thinking about the interaction of the classical art with the complicated structure of the modern Megapolis. It is an art experiment, which transfer the classical ballet from the usual atmosphere of the theatre in the totally different independent environment, which as a consequence enforce the perfection and beauty of the ballet. The breathtaking panoramas of Moscow, mastery play with the light and shadows, unexpected solutions such us the usage of the window frames bring dynamical rhythmic and give symbolic meaning in every photograph. Classic in the modern focus – one more proof of the fact that ballet is an eternal and marvelous art. The project was made with the participation of the ballerinas from the Theatre “Ballet Moscow” (Russia), Kremlin Ballet (Russia), the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus, Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theatre (Russia), Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre (Russia), Tajik State Academic Opera and Ballet named after S. Aini (Tajikistan). The list of series THE HISTORY OF THE BALLET&CITY PHOTO PROJECT Presentation of the project Philosophy of Harmony (PDF) Pamflet PHILOSOPHY OF HARMONY LOOKBOOK BALLET&CITY (PDF)   Video presentation Vladimir Chikin "Philosophy of Harmony. Ballet and City". Behind the scenes "Ballet and City. Minsk" EXHIBITIONS BALLET&CITY in frames of international exhibition in the cultural center of Europe. MONS, BELGIUM, November 2015. BALLET&CITY. THE REAL TREASURES. NIKOL'SKAYA PLAZA TC, MOSCOW, RUSSIA.September 2015. BALLET&CITY. THE MASCULINE SERIES. Bruges, Belgium. September, 2015. BALLET&CITY. The photo project by Vladimir Chikin. BRUGES, BELGIUM. July 2015. BALLET&CITY. CHUBASHIA. THE STATE THEATRE OF OPERA AND BALLET. CHEBOKSARY, RUSSIA. 2015 BALLET&CITY - THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PROJECT. Bruges, Belgium. 2015 BALLET & CITY. MINSK. THE NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS, MINSK. 2014. PRIDE WELLNESS CLUB, ZHUKOVKA, 2014 BALLET & CITY. NOVINSKY. MOSCOW, 2014 MOSCOW FOUNDATION DAY. THE BOLSHOI THEATRE, MOSCOW 2014 ART MONACO 2014 PHILOSOPHY OF HARMONY. BALLET&CITY at the exhibition "SYMBOLS OF MOTHERLAND" - 2014 PHILOSOPHY OF HARMONY. BALLET&CITY - Moscow, DEVE Gallery 2014 PHILOSOPHY OF HARMONY - Bruges, Belgium 2013