D.E.V.E. Gallery


Information about the gallery:


D.E.V.E. Gallery Moscow-Bruges is specialized in organization of the exhibitions of modern artists, sculptors and photographers from all over the world.

D.E.V.E. Gallery pays great attention to the cultural exchange between Russia and Belgium, arranges its own exhibitions of Russian artists and supports all the events aimed to the introduction of Russian modern art in Belgium and Belgium modern art in Russia.

D.E.V.E. Gallery Bruges, situated not far from the historical centre of the City, is the 320m2 of the modern gallery space with the professional spotlights, audio and video equipment.

D.E.V.E. Gallery Moscow, situated in the centre of the City, not far from Kremlin, on the territory of Red October – the epicenter of the cultural life of the capital, is the 100 m2 of modern gallery space.

D.E.V.E. Gallery  is an international creative team. We are ready to arrange your exhibition in the exhibition halls of D.E.V.E. Gallery and to present your artworks at the art fairs of Belgium and Russia.

An exhibition in D.E.V.E. Gallery is always a bright event.

D.E.V.E. Gallery organizes exhibitions, presentations and performances in the exhibition halls of D.E.V.E. Gallery and in any other exhibition spaces and provides full range of services:


. The work-out of the general concept

. The writing of press release, biography, overview of the creative activities of an artist

. The work-out and production of the promotional materials (labels, flyers, posters, banners, catalogues)

. The organization of a vernissage (welcome, fourchette, banquet)

. The advertising campaign in the mass media and internet sources

. Professional mounting and dismantling

. Professional photo report

. Professional video filming and microfilm making

. Assistance in the transportation of the art objects

. Any other services upon individual request


Designers and architects! We invite you to cooperation. Feel free to contact us to know more!


D.E.V.E. Gallery Team

Vladimir Chikin

Founder and Owner of D.E.V.E. Gallery

Natalia Sokolnikas

Genaral Director

Evgenia Shinkarenko

Art manager

Ivan Shaga

Director of technical department

Stanislav Zhulin

Manger of technical department


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