“THE VERY PLACE, where is … “the scarlet flower” from…??? SAIDA SATTAROVA 19-26.05

The 19th of May 2016, beginning at 19:00
Free entrance
Working hours
20-26 of May 2016
Daily, except Sunday
From 12:00 till 19:00
Free entrance

“THE VERY PLACE, where is … “the scarlet flower” from…???Саттарова_face_0
The personal exhibition of an artist and poet Saida Sattarova
Paintings and Poetry

From the 19th till the 26th of May 2016 the first solo exhibition of an artist and poet from Uzbekistan Saida Sattarova in D.E.V.E. Gallery Moscow, situated on the territory of the Red October.
The creative world of an artist and poet Saida Sattarova is full of symbols and allegories. The visible symbiosis of the vivid flourish of colors, fancifully twisted spider web of roots, wonderful seeds and abstract forms contains the deep philosophical meaning about the truth, eternity and beauty.
In the works the artist talks with the viewer about the nature and about the significance of all the living things. The images of the unseen “outlandish” flowers, which are so realistic and at the same time so unbelievable, catch ones eyes, awake imagination and invite the audience to think about their origin. Where is this “scarlet flower” from? Is it real? Or is it just a figment of imagination? But is has got the roots, which go so deeply, which stretch so widely, which are twisted so thoroughly, that it seems that it was ever … and it is … and it will be… For everyone it will be an absolutely special flower, for its form and color, for its meaning and significance, for everyone it will blossom and fade in the certain time…, reviving again and again … The most important matter is to find your flower… to be able to see and to feel it… In the paintings and in the poetry Saida Sattarova prompts the viewer the search direction where they should go to look for the VERY PLACE, where is ‘scarlet flower” from.