LOST VILLAGES – photo project by Alexey Harin

December 23, 2015 at 19:00 DEVE Gallery Moscow will host an exhibition of photo works by Alexey Harin from the series "Lost Villages".12362827_891553907559808_4634303863136342099_o

On the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays we invite you to travel to the Russian abandoned villages and think about whether it is possible to restore them to life?
The first photo project by Alexey Harin, better known as a successful entrepreneur and one of the leaders of the company "Guta Group", was presented at the II Festival "Undisturbed Russia."
Alex Harin about the project: "My work is dedicated to the places that are abandoned when people leave them. Perhaps you've noticed on Russian roads groups of trees in the field? So - it was almost  once a village, now vanished from the face of the earth. I'm interested in this fact and I traveled in a lot of similar places  - in Yaroslavl, Moscow and other regions. You know, most of these abandoned villages can be reached only on all-terrain vehicles. I wanted to show to our contemporaries what stays from the ground when people leave. I may be too optimistic, but I'm sure that if there came a certain infrastructure - roads, electricity - there appeared the life. "

Opening of the exhibition:
December 23 at 19:00

The exhibition for visitors:
December 24 - December 30
From 12:00 to 19:00
Every day except Sunday
Free admission
No age restrictions

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