Charity evening “Phylosophy of Harmony” december 10, 2015

12279512_1034479973262869_814247143_oDear friends!

On the Christmas eve, we are glad to invite you to become a part of the fascinating art journey in pursuit of Philosophy of Harmony

Topic of the evening: philosophy of the past, present and future.

We will talk about beautiful and eternal. Interactive talk «magic world of antiques». What is hidden behind the familiar word «antiques» What is the mystery meaning of authentic masterpieces of the past, how to recognize the true masterpiece among the great number of copies and fakes. Just glancing furtively into the magical world of antiques we want to get deeper, learn how to feel and understand it. Finally, we want to answer the question - how to implement it into our modern life and to grasp Philosophy of Harmony.

Experienced expert and remarkable speaker Vladimir Chikin will share his unique stories, priceless knowledge and he will be pleased to answer your questions.

We will talk about beautiful and precious. Irina Yeremyants who knows about jewelries more than everything will present a new luxury collection of jewelry from MIIORI.

We will enjoy and admire. Exclusive solo performance of charming actress and singer Edita Shaumyan.

Wile away the time. In  company of old and new friends with a glass of champagne, traditional Christmas snacks and live music.

Rejoice each other. The drawing of prizes, surprises, gifts and good mood.

Share the joy. The event is held in support of the charity foundation “Ray of Happiness”.  All funds raised will be donated on buying Christmas presents for orphans and children from low-income families. We would be grateful for your donation in the amount of 3000 Rub.


Beauty is not only about precious things but also about Precious deeds.


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+7 (967) 001-11-11 (Charity Foundation “Ray of Happiness”)