Ballet&City. Cheboksary 2016

12822761_1093302947380571_1259254139_o (1) Photoproject Vladimir Chikin "Ballet and the city. Cheboksary "- exclusively for the XX anniversary International Ballet Festival, with the support of the Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Moscow photographer and author of the international photo project "Ballet & City" Vladimir Chikin April 2015 for the first time visited the capital of the Chuvash Republic, becoming a participant to the XIX International Ballet Festival. During the Festival, he presented to the audience the exhibition of photographs of the different series of the project and, most importantly, was able to work on a new series "Ballet & City. Cheboksary " with dancers of the Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre. City Cheboksary became a real discovery for Vladimir and the excellent stage for an impromptu ballet performance. Amazing panorama of the ancient city of Cheboksary, sprawling on the banks of the great Volga River, with its historic buildings and innovative architecture was for the author a source of creative inspiration. The building of the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Government House, hydroelectric power stations, the famous monument "Mother-Patroness", a unique and world-famous tractor factory "CHETRA", National Library, Confectionary "Akkond" and "Swifts" in blue Cheboksary sky in the City Day - all these familiar, favorite places and events Chuvashia residents and visitors will be able to see in completely different perspective, opening not only the art of ballet in a new different way but also the city of Cheboksary. Preview was held on March 30 at the Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The main exposition is opened at the Chuvash State Art Museum at Cheboksary,60, Kalinina str. April 2 - April 24, 2016 every day except Monday from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekends